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You must have heard of fat burners - the magic pills that can burn off fat from your body in no time. Well, sorry to burst your bubble; fat burners don't work like that at all, and there is no such medication that can do that!

Fat Burners are supplements that can assist you to lose that extra body fat when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and training.

What is a Fat Burner and How Does It work?  

fat burner

Fat burner is a non-technical term that refers to food or nutritional supplements intended to increase the rate at which fat is converted into energy. These supplements contain several ingredients that help induce fat loss. Some of the ways how the ingredients induce fat loss are:   

  • Increases the rate of metabolism  
  • Improves the oxidation of fat
  • Inhibits the absorption and storage of fat 
  • Curbs appetite  
  • The thermogenic effect, i.e., Increases body temperature 

If fat loss is your current goal, then we would highly recommend you read the our Fat Burner FAQ. It’s a collection of all customer and readers queries on fat burner that we constantly receive. We guarantee it will cover and answer your queries too.

Types of Fat Burners 

There are two types of Fat Burners- 

1. Fat Burner with Stimulants (Thermogenic Fat Burner)
2. Stimulant Free Fat Burner (Stim-Free Fat Burner) 

Let us take a closer look at the main difference between the two and how to choose the best amongst them for your goals. 

What is the Difference Between Stimulant and Non-Stimulant Fat Burner?  

stimulant vs non stimulant 01

Stimulant Fat Burners are dietary supplements that contain caffeine or similar substances that are categorized as “Stimulants”. These ingredients are typically included because they can stimulate thermogenesis, i.e., increase body temperature and increase energy expenditure which results in reduction in the amount of fat stored in your body.   

Some stimulants also work by increasing the heart rate; by boosting energy levels, stimulants can help you enhance your training performance by allowing you to work out for more extended periods without becoming fatigued quickly. Fat burners that contain stimulants have the additional benefit of increasing your metabolism while simultaneously suppressing your appetite. This prevents overeating and burns calories faster that result in weight loss. 

For a more detailed insight into the ingredients pertaining to a stimulant (thermogenic) fat burner, read our article 9 Best Ingredients For A Thermogenic Fat Burner.

The Non-Stimulant Fat Burner supplements, on the other hand, do not contain caffeine or any other ingredients that may interfere with the body's temperature or heart rate. Even though most stimulant-free fat burners may have quantities of caffeine, such quantities are not high enough to cause any effect seen in Fat Burners with Stimulant. The primary goal of these non-stimulant fat burners is to concentrate on the proper functioning of the body's natural pathways, which could aid in fat loss that is less stressful on the body. As a result, a non-stimulant fat burner stays away from all kinds of stimulants and caffeine-like ingredients. It concentrates on non-stimulant ingredients that may boost metabolism by allowing the body to burn more body fat. 

If this has quipped your interest, and you want a more in-depth analysis on how a stim-free fat burner (another name for it) can work for you, take a look at our article The 7 Best Ingredients For A Stimulant-Free Fat Burner. We have always encouraged our customers and readers to read-it-all because, choosing what is fit for you is only the endgame. But knowing is everything, so that whatever you decide is on the basis that you are well informed.

When it comes to choosing the right fat burner, it eventually boils down to which one will help you reach your goal more effectively. It all depends on your personal choice, but if you fall in any of the below-mentioned categories, then it is advisable to take stimulant-free fat burners:  

  • Someone who has high blood pressure.
  • Someone who has diabetes.
  • Someone with a mental or behavioural disorder (Alzheimer's, Dementia, Schizophrenia, etc.). Always consult with your physician before deciding.
  • Anyone on any medication.

Both kinds of Fat Burners work in their way and help you in your fat loss journey. Therefore, if you don't find yourself in the list mentioned above and want to lose fat faster effectively, in that case, you can try an excellent stimulated fat burner like Ripcut Thermo from Epicvita.  

However, if you do find yourself on that list and are looking to achieve your fat loss goal without putting any extra stress on your body and feeling jittery, then we would recommend you to try a stimulant-free fat burner like Ripcut from Epicvita that can help you achieve your desired body composition and maintain high energy levels through the day. 

Whatever fat burner you choose, you must maintain a clean diet and push yourself hard in the training sessions to get the desired results. Use these fat burner supplements to give you that extra push that you need to attain that ripped dream physique of yours. 


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