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We get it. It's tough. You applied everything you learnt and  yet when you get up on that weighing scale, nothing ever seems to change. To say the least, it isn't very reassuring. Although, if you ask us, your weight should not mean much in the bigger picture. After all, two people of the same weight and height can look vastly different. A better indicator is to look in the mirror and judge your progress. But we understand that you still yearn for your weight to go down, perhaps because fitness marketing constantly parades weight-loss as the sign of success.  

Let's take a look at some of the reasons to explain why you are not losing weight- 

You Have Underestimated Your Calorie Intake 


The very first and foremost mistake that most people commit is underestimating their calories intake. Research suggests this is as high  as 47%. Therefore, you need to take care of calorie intake in a day and get as close as possible to your desired intake to lose weight. Use apps like HealthifyMe or MyFitnessPal to track what you eat in a day. 

Not Eating Enough Protein 

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Although you need to eat less during a weight loss diet, eating more protein can help in two critical ways. The first one is that protein enhances the satiation levels more so than the other two macronutrients - carbohydrates and fats. You will feel full faster, translating to fewer calories consumed per meal, and you will feel full for longer, delaying any additional  intake. The second reason is that protein has a relatively high thermic effect on food which means the energy you take to process the food you eat. For every 100 calories of protein you consume, roughly 30 calories are used for digestion. In comparison, carbs and fats take approximately ten calories for every hundred. More protein in your diet means more calories burned, which means more weight lost.  

Eating / Drinking Empty Calories 

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Avoid drinking sugary beverages available in the market. It is one of the most fattening items you can have in your diet as they are calorie-dense and does not provide  any vitamins or essential nutrients. This is also true for health juices and drinks available in the market.  Having these in your diet would make up a significant amount of your calories in a day and chances are that you will go overboard with your intake. Therefore, it's the best strategy to avoid them at all. 

Quality of the Food Matters 

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Yes, you heard it right. Not just the quantity but "quality" of the food matters too. Read the labels when you go shopping for food items the next time. Be aware of the calorie and nutritional content of what you are eating and make the right choices. Always try to eat home cooked food. Always incorporate a multivitamin like Epicvita Maximult to ensure you get all the micro nutrients you need.  

Bingeing on Weekends

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It's normal to follow your diet and  eat clean on weekdays. That changes when it's the weekend and you get a little too relaxed about your diet and training. You overeat and completely ruin the caloric deficit that you had created through the week. For losing a pound of fat in a week time, you need to create a deficit of 3500 calories in a week. Let's say you were in a deficit of 500 calories for the first five days of the week. Pretty good job. But you indulge and eat in a surplus of 1000 calories on both days of the weekend leaving you with a deficit of only 500 calories for the week. It won't take you to be a genius to figure out why you are not losing weight. 

Not Pushing Yourself Enough in the Gym 

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You are hitting the gym and weight training - that's great! But are you pushing yourself to your absolute best? This is what you need to ask yourself before every training session because it will differentiate the time you take to achieve your goal. Like just in life, you need to absolutely push yourself in the gym to achieve the kind of results you want. Also, modifying your workouts a bit here and there in a couple of months helps you keep things interesting and motivated.  

Low Activity Levels 

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Doing weight training and cardio is a crucial element to weight loss. But that's not  all.  Maintaining your activity levels outside the gym also matters as it keeps your metabolism ticking (and fat burning). Do not remain sedentary, take the stairs, while running errands try to walk and don’t be a couch potato! If your job requires to be seated all the time, take small breaks every hour, walk around a bit to get the heart rate up and blood flowing. This will help a big way!  

Not Incorporating Cardio  

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Cardio is the kind of exercise that increases your heart rate and is highly effective when it comes to losing weight. Along with weight training, you need to incorporate cardio in your sessions smartly to get the best results and hasten your weight loss journey. Also, it is a great tool to add to your arsenal whenever you hit a plateau. So, make sure to add cardio to your regimen and burn a lot of calories. 

Not incorporating Weight Training

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Just cardio alone is not enough. Weight training is a particularly important factor in losing weight. Weight training increases muscle mass, thus increasing the need number of calories that your body needs for maintenance. Since you diet is calorie deficit, the body will burn fat to generate the additional calories it now needs to maintain itself. Thus, you will burn fat faster. Ladies: No, weight training won’t make your bulky. It will make your look more toned and sculpted (good figure)  

Lack of Quality Sleep 

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Sleeping equal's repair. When your body gets enough rest, it can perform well. You can push through in the gym to get the kind of workout you want and increase your daily activity levels to induce more significant fat loss. Getting enough quality sleep becomes essential when you are trying to lose weight as it affects the level of cortisol, a hormone that regulates your appetite. Make a habit of going to bed and waking up at the same time and avoid stimulants like caffeine in the evening/night. 

You Have Set Unrealistic Expectations 

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Weight loss is an awfully slow process. The majority of the people on a weight loss journey lose patience and just give up before reaching their end goal. In the beginning, it looks all good and happy as the weight loss rate is fast. Thereafter losing weight becomes slow. You need to have patience and resistance to carry on any further. You constantly need to push yourself to lose more weight and keep altering your diet plans. Assuming that the weight loss journey will be a piece of cake by seeing initial results is where most people set unrealistic goals for themselves and often fail. 

Consider A Fat Burner 

Consider a high-quality fat burner like Epicvita Ripcut or Epicvita Ripcut Thermo. While fat burners like Ripcut and Ripcut Thermo are not magic pills and do not promise rapid fat loss and immediate results, they have science backed ingredients that augment and accelerate the fat loss process. These products combined with a consistent diet and workout will yield miraculous results.  

The Bottom Line

The weight loss journey is a long and not at all easy one. Numerous factors affect your weight that might bring it to a standstill. Therefore, you need to have patience and overcome all the obstacles by learning and adapting to the situations. It is critical to fall in love with the process for the results to follow.



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