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Everything has a starting point, and it is common get overwhelmed when starting something new, especially when starting bodybuilding.  

You must understand that progress is a gradual process, and you will not have a shredded body after only a week of training. Unfortunately, so many people enter the gym and try to lift heavy weights right away, only to tear a muscle or incur an injury and be sidelined for several months. So, the question is - how does one begin bodybuilding? Where does your journey begin? 

Education is one of the most critical tools in a gym-goer's repertoire. Success in bodybuilding hinges on education. So, try to learn a little more about training, nutrition, and supplementation every single day as you progress. Without at least some knowledge about nutrition, training, motivation, and supplementation, it would get tough for you to move forward in the right direction. The Internet is full of videos, articles, and blogs for your fitness edification. So why not use them to your advantage?  

Here are the Top 10 Tips for every beginner on their way to embark on their weight training journey. These tips will make a massive difference in helping you hit your fitness and bodybuilding goals. Let's start- 

Have a Plan & Stick to It 

workout plan template

To be successful in bodybuilding, you must have a strict routine that you strictly adhere to. Seek the assistance of a personal trainer or an advanced bodybuilder in developing a routine for you that includes the specific exercises to perform, the number of sets, the weight and the reps per set. 

When you walk into the gym, you need to know precisely what you are going to do during that training session to develop strength and muscle mass.  By making a workout plan, you can avoid over training specific muscle groups and this way you can avoid injury and overtraining any specific muscle group. By knowing which muscle group you are going to target each day, you will also have enough time to prepare yourself physically and mentally accordingly.  

Additionally, it is strongly advised that you maintain a training journal and keep track of everything you do.  Make a note of the exercises, the sets, reps, and weights, how you feel, the time you are in the gym, and the workout duration. It will help you track your progress from time to time and improve your performance. The more details you record, the better. This is good advice for everyone, not just beginners. 

Learn Correct Form & Technique First 

athlete doing squats

While it may be tempting to see how much weight you can lift, you should begin with lighter weights and learn the proper form for each exercise. Every gym has trainers who will show you the appropriate form for various exercises. If you require additional assistance, consider hiring a personal trainer for one or two weeks to get you started. <mark> Lifting is a skill, and the more competent you become at it, the more weight you can lift. <mark> 

Follow Pareto's 80/20 Principle 

making exercise with barbell

When you begin weight training, remember Pareto's Principle: 80% of your results come from 20% of the causes. In other words, only 20% of the movements in your entire workout program will produce results.  Therefore, use compound movements to get the most out of your 20%. Exercise movements that require two or more muscle groups to perform are called compound movements and are better than isolation movements that require only a single muscle group.

Compound movements induce a more significant hormonal response for muscle building than isolation movements. As a result, a workout program centered on compound movements will always produce better results. 

Nutrition is the Key 

grilled chicken with veggies

Nutrition should be the core of your bodybuilding journey. Without proper nutrition and a well-balanced diet, it will not matter how hard you are training at the gym. What you eat, when you eat, how much you eat - everything will impact your training and results. Therefore, you need to educate yourself first about the basics of nutrition and implement it in your daily routine to get the best results.  It is also important to incorporate a high quality multivitamin in your daily diet. This ensures there is no shortfall in the micronutrient requirements of your body

Do Not Overtrain 

athlete in pain

If you are a beginner and have not worked out before, you should go easy. Overstressing and overdoing will only traumatize your body, lead to injury and ultimately reap no benefits. Instead, go slow as you know slow and steady wins the race. Take rest when needed, never stress yourself; instead, work out the next day. And before all of this, first, train your mind for what you will do ahead. Training of mind is more important than training of your body. 

Incorporate Supplements Smartly 


Supplements absolutely do work if they are incorporated smartly into your routine. Supplements are something that should be used as an addition to a healthy diet. If you are eating junk every day and expecting a supplement to work and transform your physique miraculously, then you are living in a fairy tale world, and you need to get out of it. For the supplements to work, you need to have a clean, healthy diet according to your training goals. Supplements can help enhance your training output and help you to achieve your goals faster.

Incorporate a Multivitamin like Epicvita Maximult that covers all your macro nutrient needs. This way you can be rest assured that your body This way you can be rest assured that your body gets all the vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants it requires to recover and gain.  

Boosts Metabolism, Increases Immunity, aids in repair and recovery!

Set Achievable Goals 

ladder with a goal

Setting goals that you know you will not meet will only lead to demotivation and frustration. The best approach is to set small goals and work your way up. Small goals are simple to accomplish, which makes you happy and motivates you to do more. On the other hand, unattainable goals are nothing more than a form of demotivation. The bodybuilding journey is complex, and it would take years to achieve your goals. Therefore, it is essential to set small goals for every day, every week and keep moving ahead.

Focus on Recovery & Sleep 

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Sleeping is just as important as eating right and exercising. Sleeping allows your body to re-energize for the upcoming day. As a result, getting enough sleep is critical if you want to stay active and perform well. And, as you may be aware, muscles grow and recover while you sleep. So, if you haven't been sleeping well, start now. Also, you need to take some days off of your training when you just don't feel like working out due to exhaustion. Learning to listen to your body, giving it the time to recover properly is a complete game-changer.

Warm-ups are Important 

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Warm-ups are one of the most overlooked aspects of fitness and bodybuilding. Think about it, how many people do you see walk into the gym and immediately start their workout? Too many! 

Skipping the warm-ups is one of the most dreadful mistakes one can make as a beginner. A proper warm-up session helps you to enhance your ability as a lifter to give your best in the workouts.  

Be Consistent & Disciplined

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Feeling motivated at the beginning of your bodybuilding journey is natural as you are excited about it. You do everything right, from eating healthy to going to the gym every day. But you will only succeed when you can buckle down and do this every day for a long time. Motivation is what gets you started; consistency is what keeps you going. Every significant achievement can be broken down into small steps that you take every day. Eating healthy, going to the gym for training, giving your body enough time to recover - do these things day in, day out for years, and you will achieve your goals. 

The Bottom Line 

If you want to get into bodybuilding or weightlifting, you need to follow the above tips to perform your best and achieve your goals.  And not for a second; you should think that you will get there by taking shortcuts. Only through old-fashioned hard work, discipline, and determination will you be able to get where you want to be in years to come. This journey will be full of ups and downs, but the most important thing of all is to ENJOY THE PROCESS. 

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