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Adding multivitamins to your daily routine can be a great way to support your nutritional needs. However, there is a right way to do it so you can reap maximum benefits out of it. If you don't take your multivitamins the proper way, you won't see any significant improvements because of the poor absorption.

Therefore, this article will discuss the best time to take your multi's and the ways to make it more effective. But before that, let us discuss why you need a multivitamin in the first place and how to choose the right one.

Why Multivitamin?

As mentioned earlier, multivitamins are a great way of bridging any nutritional needs of your body. Eating clean and natural food is good for your health and provides you with several micronutrients. But to fulfil your recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of each vitamin an

d mineral becomes very difficult to even with a proper diet. You need to add a variety of food items to your daily diet, which is not ideal in the real world. It becomes even more problematic when you are a vegan or have specific food allergies, as you can miss out on several essential nutrients.

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Therefore, adding a good multivitamin helps bridge these nutritional gaps that may occur due to any reason. Multivitamins have all the essential vitamins and minerals rolled up into one capsule to help you achieve your daily RDA without tweaking your diet further.

We have, from our readers, collected all queries related to multivitamins and have a fabulous Multivitamin FAQ – All Your Doubts About Multivitamins Clarified And Queries Answered. Go through this article to read and know more.

What Multivitamin to Choose?

We get it; choosing the right multivitamin in the market full of supplements brands can be a daunting task. But there are a few things that you can keep in mind before picking up the right multivitamin for yourself.

  • Check out the ingredients list on the label and find out all the essential vitamins and minerals the product offers. Cross check the list with the list of vitamins and minerals we have which is essential for immunity support. The article – Vitamins & Minerals to Boost Your Immune System.
  • Check out if it is 3rd party lab-tested or not.
  • Find out if it is certified or not.

Check out the reviews of the customers online and the brand’s online image.

These are the few checklists to tick before you choose any particular supplement brand. Maximult from Epicvita stands out on all these premises and offers you 50+ ingredients in a bottle. It contains all the essential vitamins and minerals to fulfil your daily RDA of micronutrients. It is a 3rd party lab tested and NABL certified product. It also contains amino acids, antioxidants and probiotics to help you stay at the top of your performance lead a healthy lifestyle. Maximult is available for Men and Women.

How to Consume Multivitamin? & When To Take it?

Not only is it important to know how to take vitamins, but when to take them also makes a difference. For example, many people prefer taking vitamins first thing in the morning, before eating breakfast and head start. Others may choose a different time of the day.

The number of compounds in most multivitamins makes it challenging to determine the best way to use these supplements. However, multivitamin labels typically recommend taking them with food, which boosts your body's ability to absorb many vitamins. This also decreases your risk of experiencing nausea and an upset stomach.

Take Them With Food

When you consume foods, it initiates a cascade of digestive processes that help absorb the nutrients from food, and this will also optimize the absorption of vitamins and minerals. For example, you absorb approximately 15 per cent of the riboflavin in a multivitamin without food, while this jumps to at least 60 per cent with food. Similarly, eating a meal with healthy fats, like lean meats, can boost vitamin C absorption to nearly 70 per cent. Your body also significantly absorbs more magnesium and zinc when you take these with food.

Taking multivitamins with food can increase the amount of stomach acid present for digestion. These acids help break down some of the compounds containing vitamins and minerals, thus isolating the nutrients and making them more accessible for your body to use.

Watch Your Other Meds

Don't ignore other pills you may take because vitamins and minerals can interact with prescription and over-the-counter meds. In some cases, this will make one or the other less effective and in other cases, it may amplify their effects and put you at risk for an overdose. For example, calcium may interfere with the absorption of a commonly prescribed thyroid medication, and many women take both. As a result, they compete for absorption in the bloodstream and should be taken a few hours apart. Ask your doctor or pharmacist for guidance if you are on medication and thinking of supplementing a multivitamin.

Watch Your Caffeine Intake

Caffeine in the morning may interfere with the absorption of vitamins and minerals and as a diuretic, it also makes us pee more, speeding the rate at which we excrete water-soluble vitamins. Minimize these risks by consuming moderate amounts of caffeine.

The Bottom Line

Adding a multivitamin can be one of the first steps towards leading a healthy lifestyle. But make sure to check with your doctor or dietician first and plan out your multivitamins intake accordingly if you are on some medication. This will help you to rule out any negative interaction and provide you best possible results.


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