Maximult for Women

97 Reviews
  • Full Spectrum of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants for active women.
  • 49 Active Ingredients.
  • 100% RDA of B-Vitamins .
  • 8 Free Form Amino Acids.
  • 10 Anti-Oxidants And 9 Botanical Extracts.
  • Added Probiotics.
  • NABL Certified 3rd Party Lab Tested & Certified.


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Product Details

Epicvita Maximult for Women is designed to provide a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for active women irrespective of their fitness goals.
With 49 active ingredients, Maximult for Women is scientifically formulated and a clinically studied product, specifically designed to provide the nutrition demands of active women. It supplies a full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and probiotics to provide support for metabolism, recovery, immunity, tissue repair and overall well-being.

The female body is remarkably designed and uniquely constructed. Maximult for Women is therefore designed ground-up specifically to include all parameters. Besides supplying for nutritional needs, Maximult for Women also has 150 milligrams of Calcium, 17 milligrams of Iron and 200 mcg Folic Acid which are crucial minerals and micronutrients for overall well-being. Further, it also contains Biotin resulting in healthy hair, skin, and nails.

With the goodness of the 9 biological extracts such as Green coffee, Green Tea, Spirulina, Turmeric, Garlic, Ginseng, Grape Seed, Garcinia Cambogia and Ginkgo Biloba, Maximult for Women improves focus, concentration and alertness. It also helps in revitalizing and re-energizing the body and mind.

Each serving (2-tablet sized, easy-to-swallow) of Epicvita Maximult for Women provides 100% RDA of essential vitamins and minerals, high quality antioxidants, probiotics and amino acids.

Ingredient Spotlight

Vitamin C → Vitamin 100% RDA
Vitamin B3 → Vitamin 100% RDA
Vitamin E → Vitamin 100% RDA
Vitamin B5 → Vitamin 100% RDA
Vitamin B6 → Vitamin 100% RDA
Vitamin B2 → Vitamin 100% RDA
Vitamin B1 → Vitamin 100% RDA
Vitamin A → Vitamin 100% RDA
Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid) → Vitamin 100% RDA
Biotin → Vitamin 100% RDA
Vitamin K2 → Vitamin 55% RDA
Vitamin D3 → Vitamin 100% RDA
Vitamin B12 → Vitamin 100% RDA
Calcium → Mineral 150mg
Magnesium → Mineral 50mg
Potassium → Mineral 50mg
Iron → Mineral 17mg
Zinc → Mineral 12mg
Manganese → Mineral 4mg
Copper → Mineral 1.7mg
Iodine → Mineral 150mcg
Selenium → Mineral 26mcg
Molybdenum → Mineral 37mcg
Chromium → Mineral 33mcg
L-Glutamine → Amino Acid 20mg
L-Threonine → Amino Acid 10mg
L-Lysine → Amino Acid 20mg
L-Leucine → Amino Acid (BCAA) 20mg
L-Cysteine → Amino Acid 20mg
L-IsoLeucine → Amino Acid (BCAA) 10mg
L-Valine → Amino Acid (BCAA) 10mg
L-Taurine → Amino Acid 5mg
Choline → Nutrient Vitamin 25mg
Inositol → Nutrient Vitamin 25mg
Lutein → Antioxidant 1mg
Ginseng Extract → Botanical Extract Antioxidant 20mg
Grape Seed Extract → Botanical Extract Antioxidant 10mg
Alpha Lipoic Acid → Antioxidant 10mg
Ginkgo Biloba Extract → Botanical Extract Antioxidant 5mg
Garcinia Cambogia Extract → Botanical Extract 40mg
Green Coffee Bean Extract → Botanical Extract 40mg
Spirulina Extract → Botanical Extract Antioxidant 5mg
Garlic Extract → Botanical Extract 5mg
Turmeric Extract → Botanical Extract Antioxidant 10mg
Green Tea Extract → Botanical Extract Antioxidant 20mg
L-Carnitine → Nutrient 5mg
Beta Carotene → Nutrient 5mg
Lactic Acid Bacillus → Probiotic 120mil Spores
Boron → Mineral 2mg

Suggested Use

Intended for use in healthy women as a part of healthy, balanced diet and exercise program.

Recommended Usage

Two tablets (one serving size) daily with food.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Keep away from children.

3rd Party Lab Test Report

If you have difficulty viewing the report below, please click here to download it.



Reviews (97)

97 Reviews for Maximult for Women

    GirlBossVerified Buyer
    10 April 2022
    Bang on and Super stuff - Maximult for Women
    faridaVerified Buyer
    5 April 2022
    A multivitamin with specific attention to women needs. This is fantastic.
    StrongGirlVerified Buyer
    31 March 2022
    Go girl… get maximult for women. The best in the business
    Debjani KVerified Buyer
    26 March 2022
    My friend and I, both use maximult women. We have been cycling together for 2 years now and want to take active life seriously. Maximult women is a fab product and I want you to advertise as a product for strong women like us!!!
    SonaliVerified Buyer
    21 March 2022
    I am very careful with any supplement hence for this too, I verified the product. I really like the epicvita website. So many informative journals.
    Wonder WomanVerified Buyer
    16 March 2022
    For active woman like me, vits and minerals are a must. I get all of mine from Maximult women.
    KN JayashreeVerified Buyer
    11 March 2022
    Epicvita called me when I emailed regarding delivery delay. They immediately located my pack and got it delivered by the evening. Excellent customer service.
    paposree dasVerified Buyer
    6 March 2022
    When is your next sale?
    surekha baruahVerified Buyer
    1 March 2022
    Is there any sale rep in guwahati? How can I get it touch?
    Dharitry JainVerified Buyer
    24 February 2022
    Maximult for Women - so happy there is a fitness product that is totally dedicated to womens needs. Keep it up epicvita.
    damayanti patowariVerified Buyer
    19 February 2022
    The bottle packaging is really nice. Do you also have combos?
    Lata PSVerified Buyer
    9 February 2022
    I am into fitness and a regular gym goer. On reco of my trainer, I decided to try Maximult women. Its been 2 months and I have 2 tabs everyday. A multivitamin is a must to keep your body in check.
    NishiVerified Buyer
    4 February 2022
    This product is actually good. Its difficult to know if a vitamin is working but with Maximult I feel a glow in my skin as well.
    Rosey NairVerified Buyer
    30 January 2022
    When my husband started using maximult men, I didn’t understand why you need a vitamin pill since we are on a very good diet for past 3 years. Then he explained that not all time we can get everything from our meal. So I have started using maximult women. thank you epicvita
    Mukti LokhandeVerified Buyer
    25 January 2022
    Finally a multivitamin made just for women
    Mina PathakVerified Buyer
    20 January 2022
    ordering my third bottle. I love it. Its part of my schedule now
    MunmunVerified Buyer
    15 January 2022
    Am taking this with Ripcut. What a great product both Maximult for women and Ripcut.
    Priya ChandhokVerified Buyer
    10 January 2022
    This came recommended by my gym trainer. Liking it.
    Narmada SVerified Buyer
    5 January 2022
    Can I give you 10 up on 10? Yes its that good
    Amolika CharanVerified Buyer
    31 December 2021
    have been noticing my hair has become dense and looks healthy besides the fact that its an all in one multivitamin. Good job.
    BhaagyasreeVerified Buyer
    26 December 2021
    The nutrient system it promises and delivers
    Bhavna GulzarVerified Buyer
    21 December 2021
    I use maximult women and ripcut thermo. Results are fantastic
    KhusbooVerified Buyer
    16 December 2021
    totally love the packing and a very good product
    NayanikaVerified Buyer
    11 December 2021
    Pamela NazarethVerified Buyer
    6 December 2021
    thanks for the prompt reply and delivery.
    BabitaVerified Buyer
    1 December 2021
    where can I authenticate epicvita product
    Mamoni KarmakarVerified Buyer
    26 November 2021
    I love epicvita's instagram handle. Using maximult for women for 2 months now and I have to say it delivers what it promises
    Dharitry DhawanVerified Buyer
    21 November 2021
    I am using maximult with ripcut. What a combination it is. Am glad I don’t have to use another product for vitamins. Same company and its safe.
    Moushumi RVerified Buyer
    16 November 2021
    Great buy and looking to try Lcartinine 500 which is a fat burner
    Kalki SeejiVerified Buyer
    11 November 2021
    If you looking for an A1 product, this is the one for women
    YogaForLifeVerified Buyer
    6 November 2021
    A must have if you really want to move up your fitness and health levels up
    Simple GirlVerified Buyer
    1 November 2021
    A vitamin that is formulated exclusively keeping in mind womans health and fitness. Full Marks.
    Nancy DsouzaVerified Buyer
    27 October 2021
    I love it. Good packaging .
    Ladies in GymVerified Buyer
    22 October 2021
    When is the next sale?
    Supriya GuptaVerified Buyer
    17 October 2021
    not just a multivitamin. Also has botanical extracts and probiotics.
    Julie WasonVerified Buyer
    12 October 2021
    Excellent and cute pack too
    Divya PathakVerified Buyer
    7 October 2021
    It has really helped my gut problems
    Boss GirlVerified Buyer
    2 October 2021
    This is it ladies. A multivitamin for women
    Sunita PrasadVerified Buyer
    1 October 2021
    I may forget my brush in the purse but never maximult and to go to the gym. Its that good.
    Archana HobdeVerified Buyer
    29 September 2021
    I am into healthy diet and so is my family. With a good diet, maximt womam is a bonus for me
    Himangi DasVerified Buyer
    28 September 2021
    am very satisfied with the results. This also has the potential to make your hair look strong too. I feel so agile and younger. 3 months now using.
    Neelam ChopraVerified Buyer
    24 September 2021
    I just want to stay healthy. Maximult helps me achieve that.
    thecooloneVerified Buyer
    18 September 2021
    if an overall fit body is what you what you want then go for maximult women. I use this for overall health not just to lose weight.
    Deepti SethiVerified Buyer
    16 September 2021
    its always in my purse now. I really like the bottle too.
    Smita PatuwariVerified Buyer
    12 September 2021
    actually I was just having one tablet of maximult daily. Then I strated 2. I really feel a lot at ease with the body.
    Nancy MatthewVerified Buyer
    10 September 2021
    it goes fine with my morning diet and with the half cup milk I have before I sleep in the nigh.
    Nandita AiyerVerified Buyer
    6 September 2021
    what more can a runner want? I use maximult as a vitamin to keep my body in check. My partner used maximult men
    DeviVerified Buyer
    5 September 2021
    Use this. You will be in good hands. I the whole website. Very good products. Nice articles on fitness too.
    Himani NigamVerified Buyer
    2 September 2021
    When I got my package it was wet. I understand it’s raining but still… 
    Farah SarafVerified Buyer
    1 September 2021
    I like this product because unlike others it also has folic and other imp minerals and made for a women
    Maximult for Women photo review
    Anushka (Via Instagram)
    1 August 2021
    Maximult multi for women- I have been using this multivitamin from epicvita for the past one month and it is definitely one of the best multi I have come across in Indian market. It provides every essential vitamins and minerals needed and you don't ever need to worry about your micronutrients intake. I'll highly recommend this product for every fitness enthusiast out there 👍🏻😊

    Instagram Post
    Hina BhatnagarVerified Buyer
    25 July 2021
    I have stopped buying exported supplements. I am very happy with maximult. My husband and I both very active runners. We bought one bottle each. You have any combo offers?
    Ambika KannanVerified Buyer
    23 July 2021
    Epic Vita knows what women wants :) - a multivitamin for women - kudos.
    Sujata ChetriVerified Buyer
    20 July 2021
    feels a little above my budget but I wont compromise on quality and maximult has really increased my stamina. I feel alert and walking atleast 700-1000 steps more!
    Maximult for Women photo review
    Arti Arya (Via Instagram)
    18 July 2021
    I am using Epicvita multivitamin for last 15 days now I can say it's the best multivitamin I have ever used it's not just a multivitamin it also contains minerals,aminos, and antioxidans.

    Instagram Post 
    SowmiyaVerified Buyer
    18 July 2021
    Good job team epicvita. Am following on fb and instagram. Maximult is my new fav.
    Abha KamdarVerified Buyer
    15 July 2021
    Super Product. Fast Delivery and packing
    Gayatri MenonVerified Buyer
    14 July 2021
    Fatima AfsalVerified Buyer
    11 July 2021
    I have srtated a diet and it was actually my nutritionist who said along with a healthy diet I should try maxi mult so body gets what we cannot get in a diet in one day! Am slowly learning all the fitness tricks.
    Kasturi kalitaVerified Buyer
    10 July 2021
    I have bopught this after my gym friend advised. Have started taking this. Lets see.
    Jayshree PathakVerified Buyer
    9 July 2021
    my active life demans a lot from me. So with a controlled diet I takw this tablet also. I feel my stamina is at best after many years. I amgoing for thjis agaIN.
    Aloka DasVerified Buyer
    4 July 2021
    after being folled by many copy cat supplements I always check authentication of possible. I checked for this and am happy the product is genuine. Also their website is beautiful.
    Richa SenVerified Buyer
    2 July 2021
    in times like this, I rather have one which gives all benefits rather than pop many. As a tablet, I am taking this from May and I will buy again definitely. Do you have discount offer?
    Ayesha PVerified Buyer
    30 June 2021
    few friends in the gym was talking about maximultwomen. I also bought.
    Divya KapoorVerified Buyer
    29 June 2021
    When is your next sale?
    Geetu KalahastiVerified Buyer
    27 June 2021
    This is what I was looking for. Why take 2-3 tablets when you can take just one.
    Bobita RajbonshiVerified Buyer
    26 June 2021
    Just ordered my second bottle today. Good stuff guys.
    MayuriVerified Buyer
    24 June 2021
    I came across Epicvita in Google. Am very impressed with their site. I am using maximult and L carnitine now since I am on a diet. I have to say I like the results.
    Priyanka ChoudhuryVerified Buyer
    23 June 2021
    Am buying this again.
    Plabita SharmaVerified Buyer
    21 June 2021
    I have started taking maxi mult as a friend advised. I am starting yoga and also walk so I hope it will help.
    Swyakhar JyottiVerified Buyer
    20 June 2021
    I ama yoga instructor and I can vouch for Maximult woman. What a fantastic energetic feeling with this, specially now when you need to boost metabolism
    Anjum SaikiaVerified Buyer
    18 June 2021
    Took some time to reach, but its okay. Lockdown dellayed. But am happy to get this. Any store in guwahati?
    FitnessCrazyVerified Buyer
    17 June 2021
    This is now my mantra. I love the product. Its time that the fitness industry make these keeping in mind our specific needs.
    NetraVerified Buyer
    15 June 2021
    My earlier experence with supplements was not great. My monthly cycles would go for a toss. Tried Maximult and it is good. No side effects
    RupaVerified Buyer
    13 June 2021
    Ordered for the second time. Al women should have multivitamins.
    Amrita LokhandeVerified Buyer
    12 June 2021
    Glad I found Maximult women. My partner in fitness journey.
    Sameedha KaulVerified Buyer
    9 June 2021
    some products say they are all in one but maximult women is definitely keeps that promise. It has minerals and others which is good to boost metabolism. I will re order again.
    Nishita DaruwalaVerified Buyer
    7 June 2021
    this product fits my needs. I like that the bottle has a lock for kids and also air tight. (I have two toddlers)
    Devika KarlraVerified Buyer
    6 June 2021
    Maximult women gives all that a women will need for health n fitness. I walk+run every morning and this product is helping me.
    Abha SureshVerified Buyer
    2 June 2021
    I am a runner and run 3-5 kms every day mostly indoor and sometimes on the road. I need a complete multivitamin to supplement my diet and this Maximult for women is perfect for me. Provides Calcium, Iron and folic acid that is most important for women as well. Love it ❤❤
    Aditi ChaudhariVerified Buyer
    30 May 2021
    This product is the best multivit I have used so far! Gives me the right amount of energy even with a chaotic meal schedule, has improved a lot my immune system in less than 2 months. Has improved my natural balance, my hair and nails are getting stronger and healthy, I sleep better and above all I don’t feel side effects. I consider it the best supplement for even a normal active woman, not neces...More
    This product is the best multivit I have used so far! Gives me the right amount of energy even with a chaotic meal schedule, has improved a lot my immune system in less than 2 months. Has improved my natural balance, my hair and nails are getting stronger and healthy, I sleep better and above all I don’t feel side effects. I consider it the best supplement for even a normal active woman, not necessarily a bodybuilder. Ps: the amount of folic acid helps so much, cause I am trying to conceive;)
    HemaVerified Buyer
    20 May 2021
    Customized for ladies needs. I am happy I am getting all vitamins and minerals my body needs! 😍
    Sushila ButalaVerified Buyer
    20 May 2021
    Been using this 2nd week of April. Completely satisfied. Much cheaper than many international products of the same type. My hair and nails seem to grow so much faster when I'm taking this!
    HennaVerified Buyer
    17 May 2021
    Decent Product.
    Joyson DanielVerified Buyer
    13 May 2021
    Great product! 😊 My wifey love this. She is on intermittent fasting and cardio and this does wonders for her.
    Shanta SavantVerified Buyer
    12 May 2021
    Oviya AnandVerified Buyer
    8 May 2021
    Good. Reached fast. All well. Will try again- Oviya Anand
    Pratima NazarethVerified Buyer
    8 May 2021
    This product is absolutely great! Minimizes the effects of my hectic lifestyle, enables me to get through my busy day and gives me enough energy. It’s helped improve my immune system and has enabled me to sleep better. Overall an excellent supplement.
    Devika ChowdhuryVerified Buyer
    4 May 2021
    Ladies version of Maximult from Epicvita is very good. I really love the product for the fact that it contains all the proper nutrients and vitamins that a women needs. Ex. Calcium, Iron, biotin, folic acid etc. Going to try other products of epicvita for sure.
    Karishma BalasubramanianVerified Buyer
    2 May 2021
    I am very happy with this multi-vitamin for women. I can take this without food. My stomach does not get upset and I don't get any gas issues any more. I'll definitely be buying these again!
    Sneha MuttiVerified Buyer
    1 May 2021
    Great product. Does what it is advertised. Maximum coverage of multi vitamin and mineral.
    Maximult for Women photo review
    Peeyoosh kumarVerified Buyer
    1 May 2021
    I have been searching for a multi for women who are active work out freaks. This is the most genuine one I found out to be. I found this & immediately purchased it even though the product seems to be just launched. The micro nutrient in it looks promising. And yes the packaging was fantastic too. Thank you Epicvita
    Mukta DeviVerified Buyer
    29 April 2021
    Needed product for women who are dieting or doing weight loss. Has all important B vitamins, antioxidants, calcium, magnesium, biotin and zinc. Can be taken before bedtime to replace what you didn't take in during the day. Will ensure that there is no deficiency while dieting. Recommended A++
    Namrata ChandraVerified Buyer
    25 April 2021
    If you are a lady who goes to gym or regular workouts or into running I will recommend this product to you. I am a professional volley ball player and I love this product.
    Sakshi NaikVerified Buyer
    23 April 2021
    I expected the tablets to be very large and difficult to swallow. To my surprise, they were slim and easy to swallow. I plan to continue using this product for a long time. I got original product. I checked with verify.epicvita site and the serial number was correct. Reached me on time. Excellent bright yellow packaging. My favorite color ♥♥♥♥
    Ritika OommenVerified Buyer
    21 April 2021
    Good Product.
    Ritu Hora – Clinical DietitianVerified Buyer
    2 April 2021
    Congratulations Epicivita on building a multivitamin for Women🦸‍♀️🤸‍♀️👧. There is no such quality product like this in the market. I am happy to see the product containing all the essential nutrients and vitamins that a women need. Keep up the good work! 👍👍👍👍
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