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The food we eat are made up of three “macros” (macro nutrients). They are carbohydrates (carbs), protein, and fat. For example, chicken is high in protein but low carbs. Rice is high in carbs but very little fat or protein. 

These three macronutrients are from which the human body obtains energy and raw materials for growth and repair. 

This easy-to-use macro calculator shows your optimal macronutrients and calories based on your age, height, weight, gender, goal, and activity level. Depending on your goal, may it be weight loss or a muscle gain, this calculator accurately calculates the quantity of each macro nutrient you need to be consuming to attain the goal.  

This calculator uses an advanced algorithm to compute your specific calorie and macro based on personal information, lifestyle habits, and any diet you may be following. 

This tool is exceptionally easy to use. Simply follow the seven basic steps below: 

  • Input your age. 

  • Select your gender. 

  • Select your height in feet or meters. 

  • Input your height in the selected metric. 

  • Select your body weight in Kilograms or Pounds. 

  • Input your body weight in the selected metric. 

  • Select your goal. 

  • Select your activity level. 

  • Hit the calculate button to compute your daily macro intake. 

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