L-Carnitine 500

94 Reviews
  • Burns Fat For Energy Requirements of The Body
  • Increases Muscle Oxygen Supply & Stamina
  • Keto Diet Friendly
  • 500mg of L-Carnitine In A Fast Absorbing Form
  • NABL Certified 3rd Party Lab Tested & Certified.


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Product Details

L-Carnitine is a critical amino acid that plays a key role in increasing the body’s metabolism. It helps transport long-chain fatty acids into the mitochondria to be burnt for energy. In short, it triggers burning of stored for energy requirements of the body. L-Carnitine also helps in increasing the muscle oxygen supply thus increasing stamina and muscle recovery.

L-Carnitine is also very important for those following a Keto diet. Higher level of fat intake as a part of Keto diet would mean more fatty acids to be transported to the cells to be burnt for energy generation. Therefore, the body needs additional L-Carnitine which does the task of transportation of fatty acids to be burnt for energy.

For a detailed analysis of L-Carnitine and how it works as an effective fat burner read our detailed article on L-Carnitine.

Epicvita L-Carnitine-500 contains 500mg of L-Carnitine in a form that is fast absorbing and with high efficacy.

Suggested Use

Intended for use in healthy adults as a part of healthy, balanced diet and exercise program.

Recommended Usage:

Two tablets (1 serving) of L-Carnitine 500 1 to 3 times daily. Consume between meals, 30-45 minutes before workouts, and/or immediately after workouts.

This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Not for use by those with pre-existing medical conditions; those taking any medications; those under the age of 18, or women that are contemplating pregnancy, pregnant or nursing. Keep away from children.

3rd Party Lab Test Report

If you have difficulty viewing the report below, please click here to download it.



Reviews (94)

94 Reviews for L-Carnitine 500

    David PetersVerified Buyer
    26 March 2022
    I totally trust epicvita with their fatburners. Using Lcarnitine 500 and its given me great results. I also use Maximult Men, their multivitamin.
    CharlesVerified Buyer
    22 March 2022
    Value for money
    Shweta SarkarVerified Buyer
    18 March 2022
    Never before did I ever think that a fat burner could actually help. My friend used to have but I never tried. When I started with Lcarnitine, the first thing I noticed is an extra boost which is really required in the gym to meet your goals. Going for the second order and looking forward to more fat reduction.
    Mohan DharVerified Buyer
    14 March 2022
    where is your office?
    LR VenkatVerified Buyer
    10 March 2022
    I can feel an increase in metabolism as this is really helping me to increase my workout and do more than before. I feel my body toning slowly and am so happy with this.
    EliasVerified Buyer
    6 March 2022
    Use for more power and rapid loss of fat.
    Bhupen KashyapVerified Buyer
    2 March 2022
    For all fitness freaks like me try LCarnitine500. Don’t worry if you are beginner or not. Just take it as recommended and keep working out. You will see what I mean. Am loving it.
    Lachit TiwariVerified Buyer
    26 February 2022
    Excellent stuff
    Indranil BoseVerified Buyer
    22 February 2022
    I can feel my muscles are getting defined. That is because Lcarnitine500 is boosting my metabolism and I am ble to workout more with the extra energy. So useful.
    Peter D’SouzaVerified Buyer
    18 February 2022
    Nalini SinghVerified Buyer
    14 February 2022
    To me this is a great pre workout supplement I take just 30 mins before I hit the gym. I insist you try if you want results!
    Karthik LodiVerified Buyer
    10 February 2022
    I was told that only working out may not help me shed fat. I needed a fat burner which can give me the extra energy to burn more calories. I started using this product along with a balanced diet as reco ny my trainer. Finally I am happy with my body.
    RahilVerified Buyer
    6 February 2022
    Swati SharmaVerified Buyer
    2 February 2022
    This company is new hence I checked the authentication. Am happy with Lcarnitine 500. Will definitely recommend to my friends.
    Ankita AmbleVerified Buyer
    29 January 2022
    Its thrilling to see the results
    Nupur SVerified Buyer
    25 January 2022
    5 stars all the way. Amazing weight loss for me and counting
    Chirag DewanVerified Buyer
    21 January 2022
    Thank you for the call back. I received my parcel yesterday. This is my second order.
    Lalit SenVerified Buyer
    17 January 2022
    Will buy again
    Prasoon ChopraVerified Buyer
    13 January 2022
    I came across epicvita through their instagram account and ordered from the website. Lcarnitine 500 + Maximult Men is now my fav. They are also available on amazon.
    Harish BaliVerified Buyer
    9 January 2022
    good product. And very interesting blogs every week. How can I get your notif about new released blogs in the website?
    Rashid MansoorVerified Buyer
    5 January 2022
    I am into fat loss program for the past 1 year. I recently started using L Carnitine 500. I have to say the energy I have for workouts is much more than I used ti have before. And second, am losing weight the healthy way. Please go ahead and purchase this product. Good results.
    Urmi YadavVerified Buyer
    1 January 2022
    I am on my way closer to my fat loss goals. Everyday before I hit the gym, I take one and I have never been let down. All the hard work feels good. Thank you epicvita
    Vineeta SVerified Buyer
    28 December 2021
    I bought this from the website. Got it in two days!!! Wow! Also I got a randowm call from customer service if the product was good. Thank you for this.
    MeghanaVerified Buyer
    24 December 2021
    There is no doubt about Lcarnitine. I use it twice although u can use it upto three times. Depends on your fat loss goals
    Charandeep KhattarVerified Buyer
    20 December 2021
    Way to go with Lcarnitine 500
    Kalpit MondolVerified Buyer
    16 December 2021
    You have to use it to know. I use 3 tablets a day and result is really satisfactory.
    Komal JainVerified Buyer
    12 December 2021
    Its also available in Amazon now and epicvita also sells through their website. Will definitely reach out for for in future. Sure shot good one.
    Nagma KhanVerified Buyer
    8 December 2021
    Trustworthy is a big word in this business and Lcartine500 has my trust fully. Go for it guys. Its safe and effective. My lost weight is a fine example
    YasminVerified Buyer
    4 December 2021
    my weightloss goals just got better with L-Carnitine 500
    Yoga GuruVerified Buyer
    30 November 2021
    Will definitely recommend to my students. Using this for 2 months now and results are very very good.
    Rajnish BasumotariVerified Buyer
    26 November 2021
    L Carnitine 500 can really reduce fat. Works like a magic but guys, keep the workouts strong. Don’t get lazy. It works best with a good diet and physical activity.
    Ranjan DekaVerified Buyer
    22 November 2021
    Ordered yesterday and already recived today! Thanks.
    YS HariniVerified Buyer
    18 November 2021
    Good Product
    Rayan DasguptaVerified Buyer
    14 November 2021
    Do you have office in delhi?
    Aarthi RVerified Buyer
    10 November 2021
    This is a top quality product to lose weight. Must try it
    Hemangi GVerified Buyer
    6 November 2021
    I even checked the website for authentification. They have other fat burners also, but for now I will use Lcarnitine 500 as its already showing good results
    youngandfitVerified Buyer
    29 October 2021
    I take this just before my run and also a little after my yoga everyday. A super adddition to all that I do to stay fit.
    Muscle HealthVerified Buyer
    25 October 2021
    it can really burn the stored fat and super effective along with workouts.
    Pranita ReddyVerified Buyer
    21 October 2021
    I am using this for effective fat loss. But you have to do a good diet along with it. It works brilliantly
    KumarVerified Buyer
    17 October 2021
    Go upto 3 times a day with Lcarnitine 500 and you are sorted
    Jaswant BhasinVerified Buyer
    13 October 2021
    Good job with L Carnitine
    Dhruba PatowariVerified Buyer
    9 October 2021
    I bought L Carnitine as my trainer advised for my weightloss as part of the plan I am following. I can really feel the energy while working out these days. Will definitely order again.
    Health WiseVerified Buyer
    5 October 2021
    Love all epicvita products. I am using Lcarnitine with Maximult for men. Excellent response via email.
    Heera AryaVerified Buyer
    30 September 2021
    This is excellent. I think this is new in the market as I had not seen before. My wife also taking now. We take Lcarnitine 500 with Maximult
    Pravin S KumarVerified Buyer
    29 September 2021
    since I follow keto diet my trainer adviced this Lcarnitine 500 for better results. Worth it.
    Philip GonsalvesVerified Buyer
    23 September 2021
    the stress in my muscles is a lot less after I have started l carnitine 500. There is a lot of flexibility too. I am looking forward to reduce more weight now.
    Sara ChanderiVerified Buyer
    22 September 2021
    My first pack of L carnitine 500 arrived yesterday. Am excited to mix this up with Maximult which I am already using for 1/5 months. Thank you.
    Hassan AhmadVerified Buyer
    19 September 2021
    Top quality fat burner, really good packaging. Great.
    Prasoon PeriVerified Buyer
    18 September 2021
    Value for money
    Dipti SaikiaVerified Buyer
    15 September 2021
    I can see considerable change in my body after I started using Lcarnitine 500. I have managed to reduce consistently and with healthy plan. Along with lcarnitine.
    Vivek BirVerified Buyer
    11 September 2021
    This is my weightloss partner. Its really helping me burn all the calories I had gained during lockdown.
    Sahil MogulVerified Buyer
    31 July 2021
    The overall experience with Lcarnitine is very good. As a fitness coach, I have to be fit everyday besides giving training. I cannot come tired to the gym. This product has helped me to recover from my workouts real fast. And less injury too. Its helps by supplying more oxygen to the muscles. keeps the strength up.
    Iqbal JayaramanVerified Buyer
    29 July 2021
    Its incredible!
    Faraz VargheseVerified Buyer
    28 July 2021
    You can tick all the boxes for this product. Its that good.
    Arun ZachariahVerified Buyer
    26 July 2021
    Wow! Super packaging and timely delivery. I have just started with L Carnitine but I can already feel like it will work. My muscles are not that sore anymore and that makes the next workout/lift very easy. Helps continuity.
    Manoj JoshiVerified Buyer
    24 July 2021
    Happy to give 5 star
    Vaijayanti SastryVerified Buyer
    19 July 2021
    I am a yoga instructor and I highly recommend Lcarnitine to all my students who wants to lose fat in the best effective way.
    Akhil BhattVerified Buyer
    17 July 2021
    good company, good products, equally good customer service
    Mustafa ToorVerified Buyer
    15 July 2021
    One of the best fat burner I have come across. A simple list of ingredients with L Tartrate the hero, and yet it’s a powerful punch. Go for it it guys. You'll love it.
    Rashid ShahVerified Buyer
    10 July 2021
    The progress I have made with this Lcarnitine 500 is really inspiring me to go for more. It’s a good stim-free burner to use.
    JulieVerified Buyer
    9 July 2021
    What a timely find! Super fat burner
    Feroz SawhneyVerified Buyer
    6 July 2021
    I have been following epic vita updates in social media and decided to try this Lcarnitine. I think it has worked for me cos I follow a very good wrokout schedule and a good diet. It’s a Must try.
    Deepesh JainVerified Buyer
    5 July 2021
    I came here to write that am I so satisfied with lcarnitine and also my friends love it
    L-Carnitine 500 photo review
    Rehan Khan (Via Instagram)
    3 July 2021
    I have been using EPICVITA L - CARNITINE 500 from a couple of 20 days and it's an amazing product i must say that give it a try for a good muscle recovery . L - carnitine is a chemical similar to an amino acid that is produced in the body . L - carnitine helps the body turn fat into energy ... It helps in muscle recovery.

    Instagram Post
    Pirzada IraniVerified Buyer
    3 July 2021
    This product works like a boss. If you are into fitness and looking to lose weight, then Lcarnitine is your answer
    L-Carnitine 500 photo review
    Jainendra Mishra (Via Instagram)
    1 July 2021
    I have been using EPICVITA L-CARNITINE 500 from a couple of days and it's an amazing product i must say that ,give it a try for a good muscle recovery.

    Instagram Post
    Neel SaikiaVerified Buyer
    1 July 2021
    What an easy process to buy and reached me in two days. I am in Jalpaiguri, I didn’t think I will it so early. Thank you guys. Delighted
    Uday ShettyVerified Buyer
    30 June 2021
    L Carnitine 500 is really hepling my workouts. I feel less tired and also feel more agile. Now I am willing to overlook the courier delay.
    Nakul ManneVerified Buyer
    29 June 2021
    Super thrilling to see the results
    Ruchi JohalVerified Buyer
    26 June 2021
    the lock in the bottle pack is great. I don’t like it spilling all over the sweaty gym clothes in my bag. Its a good product
    Ramesh SolankiVerified Buyer
    24 June 2021
    my wife and I are into yoga. We have had very active life yet my wife was not able to get to a desirable weight but since ! started using Lcarnitine 500 from epicvita I have already lost 3.5 kg and really happy. Seeing this, my wife has also started using.
    Preshita SatheVerified Buyer
    21 June 2021
    This is only for active men and women. So you have to watch out for the food you eat and activity level. Follow all rules to get the results.
    Nayan MahabirVerified Buyer
    15 June 2021
    No doubts, just go for it. The easiest way to fat loss
    Shewali NeogVerified Buyer
    14 June 2021
    I take this twice. One during lunch and one before workout. It helps guys. My workout sessions are very intense so I really need the energy to function the next day and its already showing results.
    Sanheeta BurmaVerified Buyer
    12 June 2021
    my goal is reducing 8 kg in next 1-2 months. My diet is helping but I needed a fat burner and when my friend who also cycles with me recommended this. I amhoping to lose all the lockdown-weight I gained. :)
    NeiteshVerified Buyer
    11 June 2021
    this is really amazing product. Sore and tired muscles are recovering faster than it used to. This increases my gym time which is a must for me. Go for it without any doubt.
    Lochan SolankiVerified Buyer
    10 June 2021
    Worth It
    Babu SwaminathanVerified Buyer
    10 June 2021
    I got this as my trainer adviced. I must say I can already see the difference. My calories burning faster also my muscles are shaping better.
    Sunita ChohanVerified Buyer
    8 June 2021
    I had only heard and read about Lcarnitine. Now started using Lcarnitine500 as it I found it to be authentic. I also went to epicvita website and checked with the serial no. I would like to say good job to the team.
    Mohit SharmaVerified Buyer
    6 June 2021
    if you are looking for a fat burner then lcarnitine 500 should be in your plan. It’s perfect for me. 
    DharmaVerified Buyer
    1 June 2021
    I eat this L-Carnitine 500 along with my pre-workout mix. Works great! Burns fat when I workout.
    Maya DhaliwalVerified Buyer
    28 May 2021
    Trust me, I have did a lot of research on this area. I strongly believe in the effects of L-Carnitine and this Epicvita L-Carnitine is a high quality L-carnitine product. Best for women!
    Arjun AgrawalVerified Buyer
    21 May 2021
    Great product! I use this with Ripcut Thermo and Maximult Men. I can see huge difference. Super combination and super progress.
    Manish NarulaVerified Buyer
    18 May 2021
    Courier never call.
    Vishal KhoslaVerified Buyer
    15 May 2021
    Scientific research proves the superior results of L-Carnitine. This you should consume along with a regular fat burner for enhanced results. I am using this along with Ripcut Thermo and also take protein shake.
    Kshitij NarayananVerified Buyer
    13 May 2021
    Superb product for the price offered. Works great for cutting.
    Shanta SavantVerified Buyer
    12 May 2021
    I am happy. I use Maximult Women Multivitamin Tablet and this L-Carnitine together
    AnonVerified Buyer
    7 May 2021
    Excellent addition to my supplement stack. L-cartnitine apart from metabolsim increase, improves cognition. Checked the product serial number in the Epicvita website and it’s authentic. Premium packaging and super fast delivery.
    PratapVerified Buyer
    5 May 2021
    Helped me workout harder and longer! Great for burning fat!! This stuff is amazing!!! Thanks Epicvita
    Shakti AroraVerified Buyer
    1 May 2021
    Good Item
    AzadVerified Buyer
    30 April 2021
    I use this L-carnitine 500 as a pre-workout. Helps my fat burn.
    Apurva NoriVerified Buyer
    27 April 2021
    L-carnitine 500mg in one dosage is very good. Medium sized tablets. Easy to swallow
    Saif Ali AhmadVerified Buyer
    21 April 2021
    This product is from a new company, but after seeing their website and verifying some details om google, I found that it is a genuine company, so I bought it.
    My hope was not crashed. Good product. It has L- carnitine, l-tartrate which is fast absorbing. Good addition to my fat burner. Cheers.!!
    Sanjit ChadaVerified Buyer
    20 April 2021
    Been looking for something else to take my weight loss to the next level and this seems to be doing the trick. I stack it with Ripcut
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