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It is no secret that people tend to eat recklessly during festivals and do not keep track of their daily calories. We can't blame them, it is festivities after all!! It is meant to be enjoyed and have some time off from a regular restricted diet.

Gaining some extra pounds may not seem like much, but it could become a long-term problem if you don't act quickly to get your waistline in check. All your previous hard work to have that ripped physique and chiseled abs could get delayed for months.

Therefore, this article includes seven easy tips to lose your post festivities weight in no time and get back to your previous fitness levels.

Don't Fall into Guilt Trip

How to Lose Festive Weight Gain in No Time 1

This happens with the majority of people, if not all. festivals and special occasions are a part of your life, you have every right to enjoy your life and eat those pancakes and sweets without worrying too much about putting on weight. So, avoid beating yourself about it. Don't fall into a guilt trip that you have done something miserably wrong with your life. Instead, accept the fact that you have put on some extra weight and move forward. Once you get back to your normal routine, those extra poundage will fade away.

Set Realistic Goals

How to Lose Festive Weight Gain in No Time 2

If you gained around 5kgs (11lbs) during the festival holidays and now have decided that you will lose all the extra weight in a week - you are on a path to inevitable failure. You need to set realistic goals for yourself that are achievable and do not put yourself under pressure. on some fad diet right after the holidays is not the best solution because you won't be able to keep up with it for long and get into a vicious cycle of binge eating and regretting afterwards. Therefore, plan and set realistic goals of losing around 0.5-1kgs a week by going on a minimal caloric deficit and increase your daily activity level.

Drink a Gallon of Water

How to Lose Festive Weight Gain in No Time 3

Some of your festival weight gain is bloat since it takes a lot of calories to gain fat. So, by staying hydrated, you can quickly flush out excess sodium and bloat from your body. You also won't get those misleading hunger cues if you drink a lot of water as you are only thirsty and need to sip some water. Water is also vital to your metabolism, which is essential for weight loss. A 2013 study indicated that ingesting 500 ml of water raises metabolic rate by 30%.

Add a Bowl of Veggies to Your Meal

How to Lose Festive Weight Gain in No Time 4

It's as easy as this: whenever you have a meal, include a bowl of veggies as well. It's crucial to have veggies throughout the day—they're high in fibre, which will help you stay full, and they're low in calories. They also include prebiotics, a type of fibre that helps you stay full and maintain your gut health.

Cut Back on Sweet Stuff

How to Lose Festive Weight Gain in No Time 5

Sugar consumption is addictive, leading to an unhealthy cycle of cravings and binges. This is primarily due to the insulin surges that occur after eating foods that are heavy in sugar. Insulin lowers blood sugar, causing more calories to be stored as fat and a sugar crash later. The sugar crash produces more sweet desires to raise your blood sugar level, which eventually leads to another crash, creating a snowball effect that can be difficult to break free from.

Therefore, try to eliminate everything sweet for a few weeks. We know it won't be easy, but these few weeks will help your desire to have sweets fade away. Your body will begin to prefer naturally sweet meals, such as fruit and vegetables.

Increase Your Protein Intake

How to Lose Festive Weight Gain in No Time 6

Increase your protein intake throughout the day. Protein appears to prolong the feeling of fullness, according to research. The reason is that protein needs more time to break down and digest, resulting in a lower insulin rise. As a result, people who eat a high-protein breakfast or lunch instead of carbohydrates are generally less hungry at their next meal. Protein also requires your body to burn a few extra calories to digest. Lean protein choices such as chicken, fish, greek yoghurt or eggs are some of the best options to include in your daily diet.

Avoid Empty Calories

How to Lose Festive Weight Gain in No Time 7

When it comes to post-festival meals, avoiding those with poor nutritional value, such as simple carbs and empty calories, is a must. Instead, focus on complex carbs and lean protein sources to fuel your day like chickpeas, nuts, fruits, chicken breast, eggs, yoghurt, etc.

The Bottom Line

Instead of regretting about gaining some extra pounds, getting back to your fitness levels should be seen as a fun activity to do. Festivals, festivities and special occasions are meant to be your off time with your family and friends and should motivate you to achieve a better physique and take your fitness levels up a notch. Therefore, enjoy your Festivals. When you are back, smash all your personal records in the gym and life.


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