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Every morning you wake up with new vigour. To achieve a little more than you did yesterday. With determination and focus, you push your endurance level. Whether you chase the rising sun or the night skies, your passion takes fire, matching every endeavour. Like clockwork, your body and mind work in synergy for the goals you have set for yourself. And tomorrow, you start again. You rise again. You write your own epic story.

We understand the bond you have with your body. We know the requirement of essential nutrients to boost your performance, overall health and immunity. However, there are plenty of dietary supplements and vitamins to choose from. Being an informed buyer, we respect your insights and capability to make a sensible decision towards your buying process. And this is where we come in….

We are here because of you. Where you are committed to your fitness goals, we are committed to formulating products with proven scientific analysis to yield superior results.

Therefore, we persistently aim to provide you with the finest – a healthy nutrient based product that suits your fitness regime. We take great pride to affirm that our supplements are support-systems by themselves. At Epicvita, each raw ingredient is carefully sourced and selected from certified suppliers in the industry. Keeping in mind the benefits of each nutrient required to aid power and energy within the body, we devise a superior formulation. We do not believe in using blends that fail to indicate the dosages used. Our formulations are original, extensively researched and goes through all mandated checks.

This is the most significant part of our Product Offering –

Epicvita is Safe, Pure and Effective. Further, our products are manufactured in cGMP and ISO certified and audited pharmaceutical facilities and emerge as Product of Choice with the best pharmaceutical standards and practices so that we can give you the best.

Epicvita is for professionals from multi-disciplinary sports, fitness enthusiasts, weight trainers, runners, everyday gym warriors and weekend achievers. We assure you that we will boost your current strength to conquer new goals in your fitness journey.

Epicvita. Rise To Be Epic.